2019: “Double Yellow” Victory Journal / “The Brilliance of Batya Gur” Tablet /  “Kill Jill” Tablet / “The End of the World Is Coming, and You Are Responsible” Tablet

2018: “Blood Cries Out” The Atavist / “Is America Ready for the Next Superstorm?”  The New Republic  / “The Battle Over Climate Science Goes to School” UnDark Magazine & The Daily Beast / “American Ghostwriter” The Baffler

2017: “#CasperNights” n+1 / “Frederick Wiseman is Here” Tablet / “The Future of Media is Here, I Was There”  Tablet / “Letter From Philadelphia” Tablet / “The Secret Service BBQ” Tablet / “Here I Am, HAIM” Tablet Magazine Tablet •

2016-Earlier: “Bernie City” Tablet Magazine Tablet / “Sacred and Profane” Tablet / “Secret’s Out” Bloomberg Businessweek  / “Camp Neverland” SB Nation Longform SB Nation Longform  / “You Get On the Internet and Pretty Soon You’re Drunk” The Awl  / “The Brief Histories & Modern Journey of a Vinyl Record” The Brooklyn Rail / “Interview with a Google Employee About the Google Death App”  Vol. 1 Brooklyn / “Google To Begin Beta-Testing New Death-Prediction Android App”  Vol. 1 Brooklyn / “An Investigation of Beautiful Objects”  The Rumpus / “Headphone Elegies” The Millions / “What I Saw: Animal Collective at the Guggenheim” The Rumpus •

This Expanded Writing Page includes PDF copies and brief story descriptions.