For MIT’s UnDark Magazine, I wrote a deep dive on the nationwide effort by conservatives to change how climate change is presented to students. From the White House to conservative-led statehouses, years of investment by major fossil fuel industry players are now bearing fruit in the war on climate literacy.

It’s a savvy play for politicians and grassroots groups alike.  As I write in the piece: 

 The outcome matters: Whoever wins over the minds of this upcoming cohort of American voters will, to a large extent, shape the nation’s policies on climate change for decades to come. Surveys suggest that more Americans than ever now understand the human-climate change connection, but as voters head to the polls for the 2018 midterm elections, more than 40 percent still remain unconvinced that climate change is predominantly caused by human activity. The best way to nudge that number higher, conservative groups seem to be wagering, is to target youngsters in America’s science classrooms.

The story was picked up for a repost by The Daily Beast (with an unfortunate choice of a new title).

I recommend reading it at UnDark’s site, here: