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The Future of Media is Here, I Was There” Tablet Magazine, May 2017

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“Letter From Philadelphia”Tablet Magazine, February 2017

A dispatch from the protests against the Muslim ban at the Philadelphia Airport.

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“Bernie City”Tablet Magazine, November 2016

A dispatch from a stop on the promotional tour for Bernie Sander’s new book, two weeks after the 2016 U.S. election.

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“Sacred and Profane” Tablet Magazine,  February 2016

An essay on an initial encounter with Judaism.

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“Secret’s Out” Bloomberg Businessweek,  December 2013

A profile of Damon Baehrel, chef and sole employee of his basement eatery, the most exclusive restaurant in the world.

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“Camp Neverland” SB Nation Longform, August 2013

A week at extreme sports camp with the future stars of skateboarding.

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“You Get On the Internet and Pretty Soon You’re Drunk” The Awl,  May 2013

An evening with 40,000 ultra Orthodox Jews protesting the internet at Citi Field in New York.

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“The Brief Histories & Modern Journey of a Vinyl Record” The Brooklyn Rail, Feb 2012

Following the production process of a record in Brooklyn with a look back at the history of music recorded to vinyl.

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“Interview with a Google Employee About the Google Death App”  Vol. 1 Brooklyn, 2011 // “Google To Begin Beta-Testing New Death-Prediction Android App”  Vol. 1 Brooklyn, 2011 // “An Investigation of Beautiful Objects”  The Rumpus, 2010 // “Headphone Elegies” The Millions, 2010// “What I Saw: Animal Collective at the Guggenheim” The Rumpus, 2010 //


Title Publication Date Words Notes
“The Future of Media is Here, I Was There” Tablet Magazine May 2017 5,500 Notes
“Letter From Philadelphia” Tablet Magazine February 2017 1,800 Notes
Bernie City” Tablet Magazine December 2016 850 Notes
“Sacred and Profane” Tablet Magazine January  2016 3,500 Notes
“Secret’s Out” Bloomberg Businessweek December 2013 1,300 Notes
“Camp Neverland” SB Nation Longform August 2013 8,000 Notes
“You Get On the Internet and Pretty Soon You’re Drunk” The Awl May 2012 3,500 Notes
“The Brief Histories & Modern Journey of a Vinyl Record”  The Brooklyn Rail February 2012 3,600 Notes

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